Nifty bank nifty

i shorted Bank nifty future at 43700 around. what is the long-term or short-term view of everyone on this?
what suggestion and advice you like to give me

SL on this trade n can u share d reason for short

It’s near all tym highs

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i am thinking that it is at an all-time high so, so In the near time it will get corrected and I was planning to book the profit if its gone 2-3% correction.

as you are asking, my view is.
for last two week everytime it went near ATH profit booking took place and it looks like profit booking is over so tomarrow it may break ATH and moves forward till nifty hits ATH, then another round of profit booking will happen.

may i know why took position in future and not in the money option? ITM option would have limited your loss by now.
edit: nvm, just read your comment on other thread as you are using colateral margin.

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I took future because month on month basis. Because I can get the premiums. As average monthly 100 premium between future and current.

your future position naked or hedged?


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so if going naked and your view on BNF is down then why not write weekly at the money call option for 300rs, 300x4=1200/month. so even if BNF goes up you will save 1200rs or 30k a lot.
also you can use the collected premium to buy slightly out of the money put.

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Thank you dear this is the nice idea. And get higher time decay