Nifty breaks 17800

Extreme bearish sentiment concerning adani group has dragged the market below it’s key support levels of 17800.

Is this a proper breakdown or is the fake move (fake-down)

Storm has already started before the major event of budget.

17500 first or 18300?


High voltage market action. I’m bullish. I think it’s all gas. Not that the adani group is all clean. But , they aren’t dumb enough to get exposed this easily. There were reports like this against reliance too in the past.

The thing with adani group is…they have rock solid portfolio of businesses now. From power, gas, cement, green energy, coal, ports …all are strong businesses.

Valuation one can argue but businesses are strong me thinks.

CLSA’s report on Adani has some interesting data points:

  • Consolidated debt of the group is 2.1 lac crore out of which banks have exposure of 38%, bonds n commercial papers have 37% and rest 25% comprises of inter group lending n fin institutions.

  • Exposure of PSUs came down from 55% to 26% n private banks came down from 31% to 8%.

  • Foreign banks have 18% exposure.

So, theoretically

any investors buying shares of such a debt-leveraged company,
are they taking on a higher level of risk compared to buying shares of a non-debt-leveraged company?

If yes, are most/all competitors of Adani group similarly debt-leveraged?
(or more? or less?)

@Prakashsingh whatever the business - his debt is very high - any profitable company can bankrupt anytime- example anil ambani company
adani all have govt business any govt changes big risk is there

i totally away from high PE like 500+ company - :joy: :joy:

Last year has been very tough for shorts as buy the dips were dominant. Maybe that will continue, but things can change.

We are breaking down from 4-5 weeks of tight range after some rejections on weak long breakouts. Weekly had a very good setup but we got a tiny break + failure. Maybe wishful(!) thinking, but we are perhaps overdue some sort of real fear in the market. Whenever i get bearish these days ( only in thought ), market bounces.

Adani Ent hit LC just a while back.

F man…Adani ports -18%

there is no valuation in adani stock all stock are trading 500+PE ratio

How LIC and SBI are invested - all scams - RBI and SEBI also Fraud

Bullshut regultor - Corrouption and Bribes are in INDIAN DNA

Even with all the volatility, if VIX is at 13-14, looks like the worst is factored in Nifty’s price currently. Just a guess.

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