Nifty Day trader

Any one who does trading in Nifty only for living?

I want to learn and understand what it takes to become a day trader, by specializing in one instrument.


Pay me 1 lakh a month and i will teach you to be day trader using nifty only.

What you say?

Thanks for the offer. I gently reject it…


The only instrument u need to specialize in is your brain

Controlling emotions and applying right decisions is the key to this market

Reading trading books or attending seminars or subscribing for tips is not what is required


Day trading is good. But don’t trade with margin provided. You should have enough fund in hand, if required to hold for 1 or 2 days.

If you use margin and trade don’t go your way. You are going to lose money.

Trading Nifty for living , in my experience you need to have minimum of Rs 10 lakh capital or at least , you need to have capital size of , 1 full future contract value money !! Don’t trade nifty for living without proper capital size , its heavily loaded against retail trader’s , SEBI and and its members are working hard to keep away / deny trading opportunity for retail traders .

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