Nifty DEC 2016 Expiry

Today i.e 25/02/2016 Nifty is trading at 7010 and Nifty Dec 2016 expiry 8000 Calls are trading at Rs 198 with Open Interest of 426000.

i am expecting sharp Nifty pull back and it to be crossing 7500 before Dec2016,i want to buy these Dec16 ,8000 calls what factors should be kept in mind while trading long duration expiry contracts.

Thing u should keep in mind is that u will be the layman trader if u are buying these options, unless 8000 ce which is trading at 197, nifty does not cross 8198, u will not be in profit and nothing can be say with precision about this that nifty will make pullback, i want to share my position so that u can take some clue from it, i am short on 7000 ce of nifty dec 2016, 450 shares or 6 lots at 840 rs