Nifty future Trading for Begineer

i have 1 year experience in equity trading. Now i want to trade Only nifty future.
i have these problem
1- wether i follow Nifty spot chart or future chart
2- How many stocks should i track For nifty movemet
3- What are the factor behind nifty movement
4- which global factor i monitor daily.

Please ans these

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Were you successful in trading equity?

yes to some extent

In my opinion, Before you seek answers try to answer these questions for yourself

  1. Do you have trading system or your style is discretionary , you did your own analysis or depending on calls/tips
  2. Did you follow your system? If so, what was your winning ratio
  3. Do you have a risk management system? Did you cut losses ruthlessly or held on to position hoping it will recover
  4. Did you short the market or only went long
  5. In this one year, how was your psychology when your trades went south.

Mostly Future chart, but better to keep both side by side

None particularly, but if you want, you can track RIL, HDFCBANK, HDFC, ICICI, TCS and INFY who form more than 60% weightage in nifty.

Hello. I have heard about many virtual trading platforms like:

  3. Stock Game - Ultimate Stock Market Challenge | DSIJ

Have anyone tried these? I think doing virtual trading before actual trading is much needed .

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