Nifty Futures and SGX Nifty

What is the difference between the values of “Nifty Futures” ( at and “SGX Futures” ( at Do they both derive value from the same source (Nifty futures trading in Singapore?) The difference seems to be minor- maybe just a timing issue- but just wanted to be sure. Thx

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actually nifty futures on investing derives value from rt-cfd exchange… which i think is different from sgx… there is also option to switch the exchange on investing app.

@ShubhS9 can we have some insight here please

It’s hard to pinpoint the difference, must be due to where they are sourcing their feeds from, as you can see on Investing, they actually have 4 feeds for Nifty Futures:

The two RT-CDF and Singapore trade even after our markets are closed, the NSE shows price of Nifty Futures, this doesn’t trade after market close.

No idea about Moneycontrol feed, they must be quoting directly from SGX, it must be same as Singapore feed on Investing.