Nifty futures historical lot size information

Is anyone aware of the history of the change in lot size for nifty futures? I googled it but no concrete info. I could gather this data: Is this correct?


64 views and no one could reply :frowning: I thought we had some veterans in this group. @nithin you are my last hope. May you please reply.

ah… I think you are kind of right. In between it was at 50 for a while.

Check this link, has historical bhavcopy in csv. Maybe pick one date for every year and download the bhavcopy and check the lot size. Do share your findings here. If you can’t, let me know, will try to get someone from our office do this.


@dtrade Y u need this information… it does not matter actully… as of now nifty lot size 75…

Thanks @nithin. Why didn’t I think about this solution, I will check it out :slight_smile: by the way congratulations on the EY 2017 award. You are so involved and passionate even after achieving so much, but I guess your benchmarks are higher and I wish you all the best !!!

Hi, @dolphy_crasta its because I am generally very curious, and it can also help others in backtesting :slight_smile:

Hi @nithin I did not go through each year but did a quick check and yes it was at 50 for a short period :slight_smile: Below are the high-level findings.

2000-05 -200
2005-07 -100
2007 - 50
2008 - 25
2009 - 50 (maybe because market fell so much that NSE had to revert to 50)
2010-15 -25
2016-18 - 75 (why did they increase the lot saying they want to protect retail investors. Is this true or is there some other logic?)

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Yep SEBI put in a rule saying that minimum value of a contract should be around Rs 5lks for a derivatives contract. Hence the lot size of Nifty and all stock F&O contracts went up in 2016. And yes the reasoning was that SEBI didn’t want extremely small retail investors to take the risks of trading derivative contracts.

Btw thanks for putting this out. :slight_smile:


I think the lot size of 25 is for Mini Nifty contract ,

In the guise of protecting retail investors, " communist mind set " people of SEBI increased contract size , If SEBI intention was really genuine , SEBI was suppose to close Derivatives for retail traders. but still retail traders/investors losing money in derivatives ,( lot of examples on Q &A itself ) funny thing is that , Now SEBI is also regulator for Commodity trading segment , there mini size lot with lowest margins are allowed :grinning::rofl::rofl::joy:


My pleasure :slight_smile: @nithin

I checked bhavcopy for nifty futures and it did not mention that it was mini Nifty.

you are right lot size 25 was not for mini nifty , mini nifty lot size was 20 , later i found it , here is the link for the detail

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@dtrade, I have same requirement now, but for Individual stocks (I need lot sizes of Individual stocks for past 5 years). As you have researched it for Nifty, can you plz suggest inputs on how can I get it for stocks ?

@dtrade, I checked the bhavcopy, but it does not include lot size… how did you manage to find lot size of NIfty from the Bhavcopy?

I found a way to find the lot size - mathematical way…

Playing with GCD (also called HCF) of OI and closing price variation, could calculate it.


as you can see in the above image lot size changes on the record date…

Link here:

I have not tested for other scrips…

Good luck!

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Nifty started trading in 1 June 2000 in derivatives
From To Lot
1st June 2000 31st March 2005 200
1st April 2005 22nd February 2007 100
23rd February 2007 30th October 2014 50
31st October 2014 29th October 2015 25
30th October 2015 Till Date (14th November 2018) 75


A little late in the reply, but here is what I do to find the Lot information for every security in Futures & Options segment.

A daily file called Bhavcopy(PR) is available under Equities segment:

The URL of the daily Bhavcopy(PR) file (for 4th January 2010) is:

Within this zip file you can find 2 separate files for options and futures: fo04012010.csv and op04012010.csv.

These files have these 2 columns: TRD_QTY and NO_OF_CONT. Lot size should simply be: TRD_QTY/NO_OF_CONT.

This file is available 4th January 2010 onwards.

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Can u please share bank nifty historical lot size ?

Bank Nifty F&O contracts started trading from June 13, 2005. The lot size changed as follows -

From Date To Date Lot size Reference Circular
June 13, 2005 February 22, 2007 100 NSE/F&O/120/2005
February 23, 2007 April 29, 2010 50 NSE/F&O/010/2007
April 30, 2010 August 27, 2015 25 NSE/F&O/030/2010
August 28, 2015 April 28, 2016 30 NSE/F&O/071/2015
April 29, 2016 October 25, 2018 40 NSE/F&O/034/2016
October 26, 2018 May 03, 2020 20 NSE/F&O/091/2018
May 04, 2020 Present day (aka May 15, 2021) 25 NSE/F&O/035/2020

Thank u so much
If u don’t mind please share nifty historical lot size

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