Nifty has not seen a 2% day since October 2022

Deepak shenoy shared an interesting stat about Nifty in this tweet.

it’s been over 150 days since we last had a 2% minus day in Nifty.

Not just that, from Oct 2022, we have had an unusually low volatile markets in terms of absolute closing as there was no +/- 2% days

And this is reflecting in VIX levels currently.

How long will this low VIX continues needs to be carefully seen. My guess? not too long


Good for option sellers. Let it be boss. Don’t jinx it. :grimacing::grimacing:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy: but are you getting good premium? Premiums are not that high actually

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Jan end it was good because of budget. Otherwise it’s less. But that’s still better than fire fighting when there is big movement. :grin::grin:

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Thought I jinxed it yesterday itself seeing the market call but it was only -1.5% :stuck_out_tongue:

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Nah. That’s manageable. No firefighting was required. At least for me. :grimacing:

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People are busy following twitter traders who panic with 1% move in markets.

We have someone who is cool with even 2%

Make use of his expertise guys. He is a gem of a person and a risk manager

You are talking about me?
Lol. Am no expert.

Experts don’t make money by trading. They earn from tipping/training.

1% could be worth many lakhs for option traders :grinning:

Recently joined twitter , I see relatively all the posts are similar kinda contagious, if one is posting about one POV everone’s posts more or less same point of view. Very contagious place!!!

I see varying POVs and relaxed conversations here, Recently was putins speech and about time extension everyone was panicking, unnecessary bisases!!!

And these twitter spaces, people were talking about nifty crashing to 12k etc, some uncle talking like saint (just like osho speaks), unnecessary garbage talks / fear mongering.

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My twitter recco is filled with cctv idiots, viral videos, extreme funny stuff, smart animals, talent skills/videos and so on :smiley:
very refreshing during mkt hours

For that FB or Youtube reels works for me!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Feels idiotic, but indian markets are now more stable than sp500 or nasdaq. 2% moves are quite common in spx these days

None of the sensex companies had a 10% moves in a day unlike the amazons, meta, alphabet.

somebody or someone is over stabilizing our markets

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200 EMA is just 6% from All time high, so lot of buying is happening at top level ie CMP. If it doesn’t fall much we may see strong upside rally .Maybe this month but quite tricky.

@Prakashsingh is getting married today. Congrats man. Wishing you all the happiness :star_struck:

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Damn @Prakashsingh traded 50% of himself today!


His biggest investment for long term.
I wish it becomes a multibagger.


GROWTH STONKS :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

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seems like his assets under management AUM is going to go up