Nifty historical data

Where can I get the historical daily OHLC data for Nifty. Time period should be after 2000.

You can get it from NSE website.

No you can’t get the data more than 365 days here.

You can download in batches (1 Jan 2000 to 31st Dec 2000 first and then 1 Jan 2001 to 31st Dec 2001, so on and so forth until 2020) and then combine all the data in Excel sheet, I know it’s cumbersome but this is the best place for you to get historical data.

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You can also download Nifty historical data from without the need of batches. However, I feel downloading from NSE website is best.

In investing Nifty Continuous Futures data is also available to download in OHLC format.