Nifty/Indices widget for windows 10

Hello is there any widget/tool for windows 10 that can pin indices in my desktop ??
i don’t want to see zerodha again and again, i just want indices pinned so that i can watch it while working


I’ve search a lot but couldn’t find anything for desktop(home screen) except for rain meter skin
Also you can use MSN Money app to pin indices to start as live tiles.

zerodha pi desk app

wow, seraching for same this morning… even sourceforge didnt helped.

it closes with pi. thats why searching for diff. one

Thanks , this will work for me

Has anyone found a solution?
I was using Zerodha Pi earlier but it has stopped working anymore.

@nithin Please offer a good desktop platform for trading. Kite is well and good, but desktop software is a long pending request

Can people stil trade through Pi? I thought Zerodha has stopped supporting it.