Nifty Long term option Writting

Is there any way to open long-term option contracts for Nifty 2028. I am unable to place order in zerodha. I am presently writing options for Nifty 2027 with a 20K strike price.

There is no restriction for placing sell orders in Nifty contracts. Can you kindly share the rejection reason you are facing?

Trading is restricted in this option strike as this is an illiquid contract.

For this strike, there is no OI or LTP so only it is blocked. For index option contracts, trading is blocked completely for the far-month contracts and long-dated contracts if the LTP and the open interest are zero.
You can place orders in a long-dated option if that contract has any open interest.
You can check the exchange circular regarding the placing of orders at a fair price.

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if no one is allowed then who can place order and create open interest.

Can orbis account holder create open interest?


Any response on above query? I also have the same concern.

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I have converted my account to orbis. Still not able to place the order.