Nifty Options for Dec 2019

@nithin @siva Why are zerodha member not able to buy Dec 2019 Nifty options. This would be necessary for hedging our long term portfolio…

Could you please let me know how it can be enabled.

Hey @ManoranjanS

Based on our RMS policies, In NIFTY we only allow Current month contract and 5 months ahead (6 months in total)

Refer to this Support article for more info.

As part of Risk mitigation, Kindly allow Option Buyers atleast.
I guess this won’t introduce any kind of Risk into system.since I can’t lose more than premium paid…

Let me if I’m missing something.


Could you please let me know why is my post is being withdrawn…
'm I not making sense. Because atleast tell the reason before withdrawning the post.

@nithin : could you please help on this…

Manoranjan S

Even the risk is huge for option buyers where the quotes wont be at fair market price in most of the cases. Broker also has risk in letting market orders to be placed as client can loose more money than he has.
Also there won’t be any liquidity most of the times, I mean 99% of the times. Can check the below screenshot to find liquidity and spread between bids and offers.

One additional reason for blocking is for any trade executed in these illiquid options, as the trades will be executed at biased prices, exchange need a reason behind the motive of every trade as the trades will happen at biased prices which will trigger an alert at exchange.

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Thanks for your prompt reply.