Nifty prediction based on BJPs Tally

Last time UP voted for BJP. That time there were no complaints of voting on the basis of religion. Now they vote on caste and complaints of “caste” voting.

You are angry that they didn’t vote for BJP, not that they voted for caste. You won’t have the same reaction if BJP fielded people just because of same caste and people voted for them.

Main problem is voting on anything other than basis of candidate. BJP asks you to vote in the name of Modi. Some other parties ask you to vote on basis of caste. I see no difference between the two.


Nah I am not. I was expressing the curiosity of an uninformed outsider. I am not even any bhakt. The global picture was about UP and BJP unbreakable bond and Yogi Modi duo. That’s what the publicized scenes depicted. Didn’t actually know what happened behind the scenes. One guy told about the Pasi issue , then only I came to know about the stuffs that need to be addressed in that state.

This is what brainwashing is supposed to be like - forced to believe in alternate reality.

Another one -

They had a set of rigged EVMs which they deployed in Delhi and elsewhere but not in UP as they were confident of a win.

I don’t think they were. They had an idea about what’s coming. Some godi media polls showed 40 - 40 in UP before elections. However, they showed BJP will conpensate for losses from Punjab, Bengal & South

Rahul Gandhi held a press conference about stock market scam.
Will the reaction be positive or negative for the market ?

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Just saying, since the discussion is about the UP election results, if Mayavati had not fielded candidates, the BJP would have won 16 fewer seats in UP. Although the BSP has drawn a blank, it has helped the BJP secure 33 seats. I request people to look at the constituency-wise data. In 16 seats in UP, including Varanasi, the margin of victory for the BJP is less than the votes procured by the third-ranked BSP candidates. Modi won by a margin of 1.5 lakh votes, and the third-ranked BSP candidate secured more than 3 lakh votes.

This BJP , Amitshah Nirmala Adani All are manipulated the stock market , SEBI Sleeping

He is correct in press conferance

Modi and Godi Media Manipulated and made money

Why PM and FM HM are advising to buy stock - when SEBI not allowed to give advise about stock market tips

Even GDP rate are manipulation - GDP numbers are fake -
IN this 10 year There is NO A single PSU company Created - Instead They Sold every thing , then how the job will be created

each and every indian need to think about this govt BJP - I am not supporter anybody here


My question is why Modi is giving direct about stock market it is his duty -
According to SEBI no one have right to give advice about stock advise

why they are intrest in stock market . the BJP party need more money to run his party
whatever the way they tried to manipulate the stock market

the only way to make money in stock market and rowdyism from corporate

yeah, really terrible this one.

That’s not true. Asking someone to invest in stock market is not illegal at all. You see cricketers promoting Mutual Funds on TV all day.

What actually is illegal is to tell someone to buy a particular stock or promising guaranteed returns. Only SEBI registered advisors can advice you to buy a particular stock or MF and even then they can’t guarantee or promise you any return.

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PM AND HM don’t have a clue about stock market. They just answered and interview question like they did on 400+ seats guarantee

But , FM knows the market. She did warn traders about leveraged fno trading and it’s consequences right before the elections… May 14 it was I guess.

We as a trader should take trading seriously, and refrain from unsolicited advices. That’s what all we can do. Events will come and go. Market will be here.

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Everyone is an invester in the market. Does that mean they own the market ?

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You said HM don’t have a clue about stock market. Going by the size of his investment, that’s definitely not the case.

@Jayadratha - may they have clue - they try to manipulate first you can understand - AMITSHA job is not speaking about stock market - he is home minister - they 100% try to manipulate and they made easy money - if you agree or not this is true

they dont care about Gas price high , petrol price high , inflation high jobless rate is high , its all in your house problem also , they worried about stock market - what kind of leader they are

Govy always look people life easy - not confuse

You missed the opportunity to make easy money :cry:

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can i show i made money of 2.2 lakhs in option market , its not about making money here - my portfolio is worth 1.1 crore - i made money there also with out doing anything , its not about me buddys