Nifty trading - what are the most important TA Indicators to use?

I am very new to trading, trying to trade in Nifty Futures. However, I am just not finding the right kind of Technical Indicators to give me appropriate entry/exit signal. I am using MACD, BB, and SO all in 5-minute chart, but somehow I either enter too late or exit too early. Can someone suggest me which indicators would be better for Futures trading? Also is there any indicator to give me the insight if FII/DII/Market Maker are buying in real-time? I know EOD data can be found from NSE, but wanted something in real-time, maybe some indicator to indicate that.


Dear vchhetri…no indicator or technical pattern works all the time in the market. For example, in a range bound market you can use a BB. However in a trending market MACD or a simple moving average will help.

The trick is identify the kind of market we are in, and then use an appropriate market indicator.

Also, just a suggestion, try increasing your time frame to 15 mins from 5 mins, you may have a better trading experience.

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For Nifty futures , You should find these three are popular - Pivots (hourly pivot or daily pivot), Moving averages and volume changes.

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