Nifty View today

Next big trade in the Nifty
The answer to this question can never be a certainty, but we could discuss the probability of what could be the next big trade.

Possible Trade #1: The Nifty faces resistance around the 10600 - 10620 zone, and, after spending time in this area, chopping around and doing nothing, the Index eventually moves down. This down move could be slow and torturous, but the move could be down.

Possible Trade #2: The rally continues and eventually tries to go to 10800 or even higher. If there is more upside in this market, we should be willing to participate in it. While we do feel that the Nifty is likely to go through another sharp down move, this year, we will not be rigid on our perception. If markets are going higher, so be it, we will like to be part of it.

as i see there is a unfilled gap at 10070-10735 which can work as a strong selling zone for this expiry.

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nifty is trading at 10615 and nifty futures at 10610 … it will either goto 10800 or 10400 …
what is your suggested trade here ? trade 1 or trade 2 ? :stuck_out_tongue:

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