Nifty Volume calculation?

I just have one very basic question. What does nifty volume or rather any index volume suggest? You cannot directly trade in nifty rather you can only trade in futures or options, so what does nifty volume refers too? How nifty volume is calculated? Thanks

volume is taken where trading happens,
for nifty or bank nifty volume and open interest is taken of futures.
index spot never show volumes, and no indicator related to volume works on them.

Where did you see this volume?

There’s no volume in nifty spot only in nifty futures.

Bro, if u hv seen some data providers providing volume fr Nifty spot by combining all the constituent’s volume, Ignore it. It is of no significance.

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Index volume indicators are not available by default. However one can try building a custom index volume indicator using Pine Script in ‘TradingView’

Having said that, the only use I see of index volume indicator is to try to predict the onset of bear or bull market.

Which data provider give this volume data ?

I have seen some volume indicators which consists the weighted volume of the stocks. My question is that, whaf is the difference between that volume and the volume given in nifty futures, can anyone help me?