is giving tips do they research?

There is a website they claim to provide good results…I am wondering on what basis they do the research ? does any one know?

1 Like is a scam/fraud. Infact almost 70 to 80% of tips providers are not reliable.
Don’t trade on tips.


Do u know what do they use to give tip …I mean what strategy or tool?

I find it surprising that even after several members warning about not to rely on tips providers you still keep asking about them. If you would have concentrated on a single strategy and observed its behaviour, it would have helped you a lot. But you are still going after tips providers. Sad…

People who want tips for investing -> Should go for mutual funds

People who want tips for trading -> Should go for investing or leave stock market

This is the truth, nothing will change this.

Trading is zero sum game, what one makes, another loses. Why would anyone give tip to anyone in such a situation?


Hi @curiousvi Don’t mind but you seems like Brand New in Stock Mkt. Good that you asked this question before falling pray to these fraud tipsters.

Their strategy is called “Bakra Banao 50:50.” They offer their Free Trial Subscription to new customers for 3 to 4 days only. Suppose they contacted 200 ppl. They tell 100 ppl to Buy and another 100 ppl to Sell. Suppose Nifty fell on that day. Then they specially target the 100 ppl whom they had told to Sell. Next day they again tell 50 ppl to buy and 50 ppl to sell. Suppose Nifty rose on that day. Then they target the 50 ppl whom they had told to Buy. They repeat the same trick on 3rd day also… then they contact the remaining 25 ppl who made money by getting correct calls for last 3 days.

They offer some 10 to 20% discounts to them also for a monthly subscription.Then they collect the entire money… and from next day on wards you will get only tips. Their Customer Care number will be switched-off for you.


If you follow the graph… their TIP went up towards LOSS and hit SL and again market went down and hit the target … which they are showing on their website Performance reports …

"Go and check and their performance reports on 10th August…

Don’t follow the Calls and Trade.

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