Niftybees as Collateral

Hello Experts,

I have question regarding using Niftybees or any ETFs as Collateral.
I am aware there is some haircut after which the entire margin is available.
But due to recent SEBI regulation, Is Liquidbees or any ETF’s are considered as cash equivalent or not ? Or do we still need to maintain 50% as cash margin like stock collateral?

Can someone please clarify this?

I would like to use this margin for positional Option selling with hedging.

Thank you


Open the ‘Google Sheet’ in the following link, every information is given here.
And Zerodha regularly updates it.
P.S. There is also a search option on this forum where you can view related queries.


Thank you @Stonecold.

One last question is liquid MF is also considered cash equivalent?

Did you check the Google Sheet? :slightly_smiling_face:


I am unable to pledge liquidetf f in console. Pledge options is not showing there while the unit is credited to my account or is there any minimum limit for it to be pledged.

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Dear All,

Do all brokers allow NIFTYBEES as collateral? Axis direct, ICICI direct etc?