Night mode/ Dark theme for Kite app

Like charts please add night mode or a dark theme for Kite app. White background in too bright.


Yes ,you can add night mode in kite shown in screenshot shot…

I was asking for background color in app, not just charts.

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Agree! It is very difficult to see the numbers especially the light grey (+/-) figures in market watch on Kite web & app both.
Please include this in your next update @nithin. It would be best if custom option is given for the whole UI like it is in the charts section.

When the prices are ticking, the scrips on the marketwatch are not light grey anymore. They turn into green and red, depending on the LTP change. Flashy flashy.

In Kite web they still change from light to dark grey I guess. I am talking about the %change values.
Has this changed in the site too? I still don’t see that.
Plus dark mode or complete customization would be best just as in case of charts.

Hello, does kite offer 1min chart

We need a complete black theme for zerodha. White screen is very eye strain.
Love to see all in black theme. Hope zerodha fixes that.