Nithin Kamath Sir, Do You Trade Intraday?

Nithin Kamath @nithin Sir, You Trade Intraday?
If Not Intraday you do BTST or Positional Trading?
If Not BTST or Positional Trading are you investing in stocks for long terms?
Just out of Curiosity Question.

Thank you.

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Read this ( Here, he mentions he stopped trading long ago as his brother Nikhil Kamath was better at it who by the way trades for Zerodha. Since Nithin did not want to trade anymore he started Zerodha.

@KarthikNarayan You Never Know what’s behind the scenes.
It’s Like Lion Became vegetarian.

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I had recently answered this on Quora

Hey, I have stopped day trading the day we started Zerodha. Nikhil, my younger brother manages our prop desk - hence is the person who trades. You can check this from our youtube channel of him talking on how he trades.

Long back Hanan from our team had done an interview of how I used to trade. You can check this.

Why did I stop trading?

I have said this earlier, trading is a way of life. You take trades where you think risk to reward is in your favor. So starting Zerodha is also a trade. So yeah I might have stopped trading listed stocks and F&O, but my Zerodha trade is still on.

To get my rush of blood, I sometimes play poker and also invest into startups.


@nithin Sir, Thank you for your Quick Reply.
Keep up the Good work :blush:


This is not related to Zerodha. But Nithin, where do you play Poker ?? Online or with Friends?? If online, recommend some sites please. Yours faithfully, a poker fan.

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:slight_smile: play with bunch of guys from the office every friday. Not serious kinds. Everytime I travel, make it a point to spend some quality time on a table. Don’t enjoy online poker.


There are a lot of factors you have to see before trading in stock. You never know with guarantee what you are going to get in it. You need to be menatlly strong enough and ready to face any kind of circumstances. There is no point crying over the results later.

Yesterday night at 2 am I got a message from zerodha that my fund has been transferred to my primary bank account by when I will receive the fund in my bank account

Ideally you should receive today by EOD.