Niva Bupa Health Insurance Review

Has anyone used Niva Bupa Health Insurance ?
How difficult is it to get claim from Niva Bupa Health Insurance?
Do they try to deny the claim by giving stupid irrelevant reasons ?

Is they any way to know which company is genuine in giving claims ?
Or is there a website for checking genuine review of any health insurance company?

Please Help.

Health insurance cannot be generalized, each person’s health could be different. Some people may not disclose their preexisting conditions, and if in the future claims are raised, and if the underlying reasons are their preexisting conditions, their claims may not be settled.

Health insurance is complicated than pure life insurance.


Thanks for the reply.

Currently I am getting more benefits and features at lower cost in Niva Bupa Health Insurance compared to HDFC Ergo.
I don’t plan to hide anything from the insurance company.
So can I expect smooth settlement with Niva Bupa also ? (even to a level similar to HDFC Ergo.)

Probably yes. When a health problem arises, treatment is given after proper diagnosis, and bills and certificates are provided by the hospital, and if everything is valid, there should not be any problem. Also I think cashless is not guaranteed, reimbursement is.

I have no first hand experience with health insurance but I know about employees claiming for reimbursements, which were honored by the insurance provider, who provide cover for companies, after producing treatment bills and other documents.

In case of employee reimbursement, insurance companies tend to be liberal and many times pass the claims which would have otherwise been rejected. Because employers are their big corporate clients and they can’t afford to lose them.

Yes. But that does not mean they accept every claim without proper documentation.

My point is that, if everything is fair from the patient’s side, the claim will be honored. So it is our responsibility to be fair, and present our claim with all the necessary supporting documents.