No confirm button for exit in kite for exiting a position

There is a confirm button in some cases in kite but when we are exiting a position there is no confirm button. I have happened to exit few times by mistake due accidental pressing of the exit. If there was an exit button, this would not happened.
May be an additional option ‘confirm & exit’ button? So, there will be two buttons to exit:

  • exit: shows a confirm screen
  • confirm and exit: directly exits

Also, we can use convention of adding triple dots (…) to button labels to indicate there will be a next step before the confirmation.
So, above button labels will be :

  • exit…
  • confirm and exit

Does it sound logical?

When one clicks on exit, position won’t be squared off automatically. If one is long then sell window appears and vice-versa. So two steps are involved before closing the position. I personally believe this should be more than enough.

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