No order update notification on pop-out chart

When in pop-out chart on Kite web, pop-up notifications are not shown when a pending order is executed. Adding the pop-out screen and a notification for example. Would be great to have that notification while on this screen. @nithin @siva


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@Arockiya_Raja can you check on this?

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Added this to our list, This will be added to the pop-out chart.

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Any update on this? @Maan @Arockiya_Raja

@13adityas Not yet

Hi. It’s still not working. Any update on how long it would take? Thanks. @Arockiya_Raja

The team is occupied with a few major updates. Hopefully, we will be able to look into it this month.

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Great, thanks

Hi, it’s been some time and it’s still not working.
@Arockiya_Raja @nithin

Toast notification has not been implemented in the pop-out chart. We reviewed this and it is a bit tricky. Regrettably, we need some more time. I will inform here once the same is ready.

Alright, thanks.