No reliable way to predict price?

Does anyone feel price movements are random and there’s no accurate way to tell the future direction ?

Especially in FnO stocks, the movements are so erratic .

(I mostly trade on daily time frames and not intraday.)

I want to do FnO but at the same time, I want to do it based on a structural system and not blindly gamble. Because I don’t enjoy ludo , roulette or blackjack , even if I win. Skill based challenges are preferred over luck based games.

Most of the indicators are lagging in nature. Although some do provide an idea.


No matter people like me say, in the short term, both trading and investing are a matter of probability

One has to focus on high probability setups with a sound risk management strategy to have chances to be successful.

If you have decent enough corpus and want to optimize returns, you can maybe learn various hedging techniques to generate slightly higher yet reasonably risk defined returns.

If you enjoy skill based challenges, F&O is definitely not the right thing especially initially. It can play a good supporting role once you learn the necessary hedging techniques