No reply from company CS

I have written many e-mails to the company secretary of many different companies as a shareholder. Only very few replied back. What can I do to increase their response rate? Also, Are they obelize to reply to minority shareholders?

The public listed company is obliged with the same priority independent of the shareholder’s stake in the company.
You can escalate the issue to Investor Grievance if the response awaited has a serious impact on investment you have made.


I was interested to know about company’s land assets. I wanted to know the area of land they owns and its location. They have understated their land value in Annual report.

Patience or go a rampage on Twitter. Two readily available options.


Twitter works very well! :smile:

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In most case the only thing that is made public about the company is its name.

What goes inside is mostly private deals between uncles, aunties, neice, nephew, brother in law, father in law etc etc.

Please don’t waste too much time trying to dig facts out, you will never find it.

They are not interested to disclose the land the company owns but the father in law has built a holiday home there or running his private resort on airbnb.

Check if any Mutual Funds in India have invested in them, and focus on just these companies.

They cannot disclose to you seperately what is not already publicly disclosed as its illegal.

As a shareholder, I have every right to know about companies land assets. There is nothing confidential in it.

Well, if you dont like what they disclose already invest somewhere else. You only have right to know what is already public information is only my message.