Nominee details

I have an account with Zerodha. Wanted to know, where can i find nominee details? Name of all the nominees i mentioned during account opening process

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Even I would like to know. Can anyone answer this query please?

Following steps might provide resolution:

  1. Log in to Q back office from Kite web
  2. Go to
  3. Check nominee link under pre filled forms section

I am in that screen but I don’t find nominee anywhere

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Zerodha has changed Q back office to Console
New URL to see your nomination form is below
Go to:

Hope it helps :grinning:

There is no nominee for a trading account. The nominee is required for the depository/demat account, which is CDSL in this case, so whatever the pre-filled form in Q-backoffice is showing as nominee is irrelevant.

Why I said this is because my pre-filled form showed the correct nominee which I had written during account opening but when I checked the CDSL account details, the same was not even updated there. I raised a ticket with zerodha and then they updated it in CDSL, where it should have been updated in the first place.

So, signin into CDSL and check there. Its the only place that matters.

where tp check the cdsl account details create account on CDSL Easi to get nominee details

I have registered for CDSL login account and successfully logged in. But where to check nomination detail?

I have added nominee details long back. but i need to change. is there any possibilities?

Yes, you can change the nominee details. However the processes for doing it is offline. You can check it out here.