Noob Needs Help With Pi Scanner/Alerts Limitations & Possible Workarounds

Hi all,

I’m a complete newbie when it comes to both investing and the Zerodha platform.

I wanted to implement Chris Kacher’s Pocket Pivot concept in a scanner wherein an alert would be generated whenever a stock surpassed volume that was higher than the volume on any of the previous 10 days.

However, the scanner seems to have a periodicity that’s less than a day. So my understanding is that it isn’t suitable for comparison with previous days’ data.

I’ve also looked at the scripted alerts feature. But the issue I’ve come across there is that I can’t seem to add more than one stock per alert. Is there any way to add an alert to the entire universe of Indian stocks, or at least a wide selection of stocks at one go?

Am I missing something here? Are there any possible workarounds?

I’ve also looked at, but again, it seems the alerts are only on a per chart basis.

Ideally, I want to scan the entire universe of stocks & get alerted whenever a stock meets the custom criteria.

Is standalone software such as amibroker, ninjatrader & the like the only solution?

Many thanks for your time. Good day!

As in Pi the scanner works only on intra day basis in live market and it is not possible to use day time frame or fetch previous days historical data, so to give the conditions based on historical days is not possible.
and In create scripted alerts you can add only one scrip at a time for generating alerts.

Amibroker etc third party charting applications in which such option of scanning the entire favorite watch list or all symbols is available, Also it requires the data feeds and afl ( or application supported) as per your condition.

If you are programmer you can write your logic and can build your own stock sorting tool for selected scrip using Kite Connect API for more info refer

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Thanks for your time.

I’m no programmer, so I think something like amibroker would be the way to go. Is there any other software that you would recommend for a beginner? Preferably one which lends itself to ease of scripting for a beginner.

Also, would you be knowing if it’s possible to feed real time data in to amibroker/ninjatrader from yahoo finance? A preliminary google seems to suggest it’s possible. If not though, which services are suitable for the same but don’t burn a large hole in your pocket?

Again, thanks for your help. Much appreciated.