Noob question about determining price for the next 2 days

On Monday , If i need to determine the price of a stock for Wednesday (which is after 2 days) should i use the time frame of 2 days or 13 hours (considering the fact that trading happens for 6.5 hours per day) . Can somebody please clarify .

Wait a sec how you gonna set the time frame to 13 hours? Is that even a thing?

Also, you copied the topic for your thread from one of my original threads. Good work man.

13 hours can be set in TradingView.

Even if you set the TF as 13 hrs or 2 days.
How is this gonna help you determining the future price on wednesday?

Personally, each time frame has it’s own distinct value. I can’t really say that one is objectively better than the other. The best way to figure out what works is to test different timeframes and see for yourself what suits you best. That’s all I can say.

Build an indicator which will alert you about the stocks that may rally .

Its quite simple actually.

See all you need is a coin.

Flip it.

Heads = go long.
Tails = go short.

you don’t need any Timeframe, its that simple.


use twenty days timeframe

Just try both TFs and see if there is any difference.
I think that both charts will be exactly same.
Also trading happens from 9:15 AM to 3:30 PM
Thats 6 hrs and 15 mins and not 6.5 hrs per day.
So for 2 days it will be 12.5 hrs and not 13 hrs.

Try 4hours Chart TF , it is more helpful than Daily chart or any other , lesser TF charts , It is comparatively less noisy

There is no one particular time frame which will give you the right answer. You have to do a multiple time frame analysis. Since trading is working with probability, you have to make sure the odds are in your favour and if the position you want to take confirms in multiple time frame, the odds are more in your favour.

My current setup works well in timeframes of 30 mins, 1 hour, 4 hours , 1 day , 1 week . So i’m looking for valuable inputs from the community members .