Not able to add CM Early PayIN account

I’m trying to add a CM Early PayIN account as trusted account in my CDSL profile. But I receive “Easiest Trusted User Cannot Map CM Early Payin acct” error whenever I enter the Account number provided by my Broker (Paytm). Can someone please help me with this, I have to apply for Buyback

@Pawan Can you.

Early Payin A/c can’t be added as a Trusted A/c directly, you have to map CM Pool A/c in the case of NSE OR Principal A/c in the case of BSE as a Trusted A/c and if your Cleaning Member had mapped their EarlyPayin A/c with their Pool/Principal A/c then the EarlyPayin A/c will get mapped automatically.

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So what do I do now, contact Broker or change my Mode of Operation to Account of Choice in CDSL profile?

You can add CM Pool A/c as a Trusted Account in your Easiest Login after consulting with your Broker if they are accepting direct credit from the Beneficiary Owner’s A/c

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