Not able to add new Zerodha (ZBL) entity account as beneficiary


Yesterday received email saying “If you are transferring funds for trading to 05230340001348 via NEFT/RTGS/IMPS, please change this to ZERNSE effective immediately. Unlike usual bank account numbers, our new bank account number just has alphabets (ZERNSE)”.

I am not able to add ‘ZERNSE’ as Benefical account number in my HDFC account. I am getting error message that ’ Account number should be numeric’.

Can anyone tell me new Zerodha Brokerage Ltd’s numerical account number.


Zerodha’s new APHABETIC based A/Ç is with HDFC as well. The backend programmers at HDFC will come across this bug on monday when similar calls flood in, they will roll out a fix soon.

This is what I dont understand about this new bank account details change, if something is working just fine, why make all this changes to create confusion among users.


Check this, explained here


That link leads to a 404 page.


Hey @Tharun_Jose,

The url was changed later on. Please use this link.


is this new account ? old numeric number stopped working, Right ?


I added that alphanumeric account number in ICICI BANK without an issue almost 2 years ago.