Not able to find below tools on ChartIQ / PI

Hi All,

I have been asking Zerodha team to help with below functions but no luck in past 1 month. Don’t think they have taken it seriously. Can any one help where can i find below functions…

  1. Camrilla Pivot points (Daily,weekly,monthly, quarterly and Yearly) don;t need basic pivot or fibonnoci need Camrilla Pivot
  2. Custom time frame (hard to believe Zerodha being market leader and it doesn’t have a custom time frame option) which will help me watch charts on 25 /75 / 125 mins
  3. Max candle i can on charts if of 1 month. not able to locate 3M, 6M and Yearly candle.

Need the above ones. Let me know if any one can guide.


We just use TV and chartiq charting libraries, they are not our inhouse products. We can only provide what is given by them, as a client we will request them if many of our clients ask us, few are accepted and few are not.
You checked on TV charts?, camrilla is available.Hopefully in next update camrilla pivots will be available on chartiq.

75 mins will give soon, each user has different requirement, so not possible to offer all timeframes. It breaks down UI and UX also.

Not sure how yearly candles or 6 month candles can help, yearly max we can have is 10 to 15 candles, neither any indicators will work on them or seeing them will give any inference, we believe.

Camarilla : I checked on both if i am not wrong only Daily is available will need weekly and monthly too.
Custom time frame : 25 / 75 / 125 mins are essentials ! total trading hrs. are 375 mins a day. Need to break candles as per trades which is planned. Hence, a min of 25/75 and 125 is much needed !
candles : get 3 months and 6 months atleast. Not all people use indicators. Charts do tell many things over and above indicators.
Please action it soon.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and even Yearly is available on TV.