Not able to Rearrange stock in zerodha mobile kite app.

Sir in zerodha mobile kite app we are not able to arrange any stock , i mean not able to delete it from watchlist even there is a option to press on any stock then new window option opens but that doesnt work in mobile app .
See my screenshot as attached
As in screenshot there is option in side but it doesnt work
So please help.

For deleting or removing any script no need to alter to rearrange pane…
Slide on the script from market watch and it will be binned

On the rearrange pane on ur screenshot, press and slide up or down and save for arrangement


Thank you sir
Got it. :blush:

It is to inform Zerodha team, like desk top version, there is no auto sorting setting in mobile app, Because of this we will not able to sort percentage from higher to lower or lower to higher. Every time 40 stock from top to bottom need to be checked.

Hope you understand the issue. Kindly fix the setting for stock sorting option in Mobile app