Not able to trade in MAGADSUGAR-BE script

Though I have shares of MAGADSUGAR-BE script in my holding, I am not able to trade in this script in kite.
This is also true for avadh sugar and ganges securities.

What should I do?

Thanks & Regards

All three stocks you mentioned are trading in BE category. Stocks in this category are settled on a trade to trade basis, meaning intraday trades are not allowed. Check this post to read more about different stock categories.
You can also check out all stocks that are in BE category by clicking this NSE link and downloading complete list under securities in rolling (EQ) and Trade for trade (BE,T).

Thanks Bhuvanesh for all the details.
I understand that intraday trading is not allowed but I am not able to do delivery based trading also.
Kite is giving below erro
You can’t trade this scrip. Exchange is not enabled.
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Can you please DM me your Client ID.

Sorry, But I am not able to send direct message here.
Can you please tell me the process