Not getting Interest on SGB 2024

I have Gold bonds subscribed through Zerodha.
I have not received any interest (2.75%) so far for 2 years now. Rather I am not able to locate the any deposit correspnding to the interest. Is it given once in a year or quarterly or half-yearly? If I have 1lac invested, how much should I be seeing as a deposit (and from which source). Need your help and attention in getting the this information.

Has any one who had subscribed through Zerodha getting interest into S/B ac? If yes, can you please share the transfer details (such as from whom…etc).

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I believe the interested is credited semi annually as per RBI website.

Now considering Gold as investment.

Average annualized returns for gold is about 9-10%.
Average annualized volatility for gold is about 18%.

Now apart from the 9-10% , the govt gives 2.5% additional interest, so total returns would be about 11-12% p.a. But out of this 7-8% is risk free, so you are getting only 3-4% returns for the risk(18%) you are taking annually.

So you are taking a lot more risk(18%) to generate less returns(3-4%) p.a. Not worth it IMO. you are better off getting 7-8% in FDs/govt bonds risk free.

I don’t understand why anyone would invest in these gold bonds. If i m missing something here,someone please correct me.

if you do seek risk, then look for midcaps/small caps.

if you want risk free returns go with Bank FDs.

Hi Tarakesh,

According to BSE circular the credit of dividends should have come to your registered bank account (bank account mapped to demat account) on 5th Feb 2017. Could you check your bank statement for the SGB credit?

Thank you folks ! I could find it.


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I bought the same Gold bond SGBAUG24-GB from secondary market through Zerodha. And as per information I could get on internet the interest should be received semi-annually. I was hoping as this tranche was issued on 5-Aug, I will get my interest near that date. But I have not received any interest yet.

Can anybody help with dates when these interests are deposited?

Hi @agdipanshu , I also have same question. Did you get any solution for this?

Hi Ankit,
Yes, I found it in my August month statement of saving bank account linked to Zerodha.
The transaction had “Central Deposito” mentioned in details.

Hope it helps!!

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Yes a NEFT transfer from Central Depository SE


What do I do if have not received the interest? I’ve checked my bank statement there is no such transaction. It’s date is 17 March.

give it few more days