Not getting UPI mandate while applying for IPO

No matter how much i try even with different upi, either console will not allow me to submit irctc ipo nor i can see any request in mandate? Am i doing something wrong. Call to zerodha call centre many times but no one picked call. PLease help.


Same issue. I was able to place the order with an ICICI UPI but I haven’t received the UPI funds request yet.

Once you place your bid on console, you are supposed to get the mandate collect request in real time on your UPI app.

Zerodha submits the application bid to the exchange which then forwards it to the bank after some validations. However, there have been delays from the bank’s end in generating the mandate collect request.

How miuch delay is expected? 1 day, 2 days …

Finally i received it. Did you?

it works only with bhim upi if u are using gpay or other u will not get mandate…

Zerodha only accepts bids on behalf of the client, forwards it to the Exchange. Here’s how the flow works:

Our team is in constant touch with the Exchange and since IPO through UPI is in it’s nascent stage, there could be teething issues. If you are having trouble doing it through our platform, suggest you use the bank’s portal and apply. Here’s more on how to do it How to apply for an IPO with your Zerodha account? - #2 by Bhuvan

after 3 hrs i received the mandate request and processed. i spoke with call support but they r clueless regarding mandate issue. so u shd wait no other go

In how much time you received the mandate to do payment at bhim app?

Too bad I didn’t get the UPI payment request on ICICI address.

I actually got the request on my @upi address first but that is connected to a bank account that is not zerodha linked.

Any idea if we can use ANY UPI or it has to be the account that is linked like we use for adding / withdrawing funds

No worry IRCTC is subscribed 78 times no one will not get even 2 shares

2 days after I modified order but then keep deleting/adding with other upi mandated account on 3rd Oct as i though there might be some issues. ONce i posted query on tradingqna, it got reflected in 1 hour.

Not all UPI, i think only bhim upi.

I was trying UPI Mandate in BHIM UPI yesterday but then they ask for “Pay To” details like its @VPA, Benerficiary name, Mandate short name, etc. I had no idea where to find the details, ended up in netbanking.
Besides, where do you get the official details?

Same thing happened with me.
Individual bank upi wont work.
try checking notifications received in BHIM upi app.
Only then you will be able to place the bid.

I faced same issue with 5 Paisa, I kept on applying for 2 days and on third day I got mandate request, neither the bank or 5 paisa know what is happening to subscription!!!

Yes right, there is only 1 way and that is to wait to come mandate in our paying app. because neither stock broker knows about nor bank.

no one has clear idea, how much time mandate takes to reflect in BHIM app. we just have to apply on first day of opening so we have enough time to wait to approve the payment, and we don’t miss to apply the IPO

Nowadays, the UPI mandate shows up within a few minutes of applying in most cases. Sometimes, it might help to check the UPI app even if you haven’t received a notification for the request.

Have not used BHIM app in a long time but these days on PhonePe or GooglePay, the mandate requests come up in 10-15 minutes.