Not received dividend yet

I have not received clarient chemical special interim dividend @140₹ /EQ share while buy on 13 july 2020, record date was 18 july 2020, plz suggest @siva

Normally it can take upto 15 days, maybe wait for another week.

Thanks for your prompt response.

Is there any place or document people can look into to know the exact dividend payout date. Generally on websites we only see the ex dividend date but not the actual payout date. Do the companies file any document with the exchange informing of the exact payout date?

Yes, you can check on BSE or NSE website under Corporate Announcements section of each scrip, You can view this filings through Kite as well just go to Fundamentals > Events.

@ShubhS9, @Praksy are asking you about dividend payout date Not about ex date. Plz clarify

@Praksy was asking whether companies file any document at exchange regarding Dividend. Which they do and you can view at above mentioned places.

Generally dividend payout date can be found in the Dividend Announcement or Quarterly/Annual report documents filed at Exchanges.

Yes, I was asking about payout date not ex dividend date. Let me check the exchange website if I can find the exact payout date because I have HDFC stock which has gone ex dividend but I haven’t got the dividend in my account. That’s why I was asking.

If you didn’t find, you can check this filing by HDFC, the payment date is July 31.

Thank you Shubh so much for sharing the document.

I was a bit excited seeing the word HDFC and dividend. But later realized it is about HDFC and not HDFC bank :neutral_face:

When RBI allows banks to give dividends?

RBI will review their decision based on financial position in July - Sep quarter.