Not seeing cross-currency pairs in Kite Dashboard


Although the cross-currency pairs have been live for some time now, I’m not able to find the cross-currency pairs in the Kite dashboard.
Are other people facing the same issue too?
In the picture attached, I have entered the USDEUR pair, but rather see the USDINR pair.

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We haven’t yet enabled trading in cross currency. There are some settlement issues around this. MTM is done based on RBI daily reference rate for USDINR which is announced at 12 noon. But market trades till 7pm, when USDINR could have changed. Risk for us as a brokerage firm.
Also there are trade process issues. Currently only prop trading firms are taking part. Hopefully exchange clarifies on the working and we will be able to offer this.

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EUR-USD, GBP-USD and USD-JPY Cross Currency Derivatives to start trading from February 27th