Notional Value of MCX Contracts

Where can one find the notional values of commodity contracts traded on MCX? I’m looking for a ready sheet.

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By Notional Value, are you asking for the total contract value? 

For example, Gold is at 29000 for 10gms, so a 1KG gold has contract value of Rs 29lks. If this is what you are asking for, then you can visit this, but you will have to calculate this value yourself. This link also will help you with the calculation. 

Thank you Nithin, Yes, that’s what I was asking for. I’m a little confused about why the brokerage is levied on the notional value instead of the margin required for a position.

It is an industry practice to charge on the contract turnover around the world, also the margin required is usually not uniform and can vary for intraday/overnight, so becomes really tough to charge based on the margin used.

I see, thanks