November 6, 2017, Nifty views

The nifty has been choppy on Friday as well, no clear direction, traders are having a field day. At the end the markets opened up. There was no clear technical indicator.

As you can see there is no clear direction. Made money today, but panicked in the end because markets started going down in between. Last I checked SGX nifty was trading marginally down. India VIX down by 0.79%, and PCR has increased to 1.45.

Market participants OI data


The FIIs are bearish. Eventually I will expect the markets to open in the red on monday. But I will not take any positions pre market.

More experienced traders, please advice.

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Market will come down for retracement before expiry for sure. There are no triggers to do that.

But FII became net buyers in the last few sessions in CM. Their leverage on the market is also going down. Every dip is bought by MF.

Political scene is changing faster in the opposite direction of Market.


This says FII sold 9k cr worth stocks on Friday.

@KarthikNarayan on Friday Bharti Telecom bought 10052 Crores of Bharti Airtel Ltd from Indian Continent Investment Ltd (FII)

so if you exclude that then net Buy of FII is 10052 - 9690 = 362 Crores

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Nifty this week 10500 to 10600

Still it is a sell from FII , its clear Indian Continent Investment ( FII ) sold

That is Block deal. can not use for regular analysis

bought by promotor. ( In my view kind of circular trading )