Now no new ipo's


now, no new ipos, why ?


@bihitayim : Chalet hotels @275-280 from 20 /1 to 31/1/ ,Xelpmoc design @62-66 from 23/1 to 25/1 ,Ritco logistic @71-73 from 28/01 to 30/01 ,Surani steel @52-52 from 25/01 to 29/01 ARE THE IPOS live.


In India, this last decade, on an average, there were 35 listings a year, with the highest at 108 listings in 2007 and the lowest at 5 listings in 2013. On an average 22000 Crs was raised every year via IPOs.

So far last year there were 25 mainline listings and Rs 31,731.28 Crs was raised as compared to 38 listings with 75,475.37 Crs raised in 2017. Out of the 25 companies listed this year, 7 have had listing day gains and 9 companies are still trading above listing price.

The sinking markets seem to have affected the number of companies going public. The S&P BSE IPO index fell 10% since the start of last year, while NIFTY 50 has posted returns of around 5%.


In dentist office, if patient who is inside shouts loudly, then patients waiting outside run away

Same way I think IPO deciding to stay away from coming to market


You give very good analogies




True, total drying up of IPOs. Chalet Hotel IPO promoted by Raheja Group coming after 5 months gap. Xelpmoc design IPO a few days back was a very small one, normally not seen on the main Board stock exchanges. Only an exceptional IPO from some established player can revive the sentiments in IPO markets which are currently quite low as investors are sitting on losses.