Now see margin requirements on the Kite order window

Which software or environment.

Its a custom software (web based) for my own peronal use.


Perhaps you could lend your services to the kite development team

Expectations are flying high :grinning:

I have 2 queries:

  1. Is there any penalty monetarily for exceeding margin limits for short periods like few minutes? This issue is because I am exiting some orders and reinstating some and in the meantime I keep getting margin calls on sms and email.

  2. My second query is regarding liquid bees. If I buy liquid bees today and exit tomorrow morning, can the freed up money be immediately used tomorrow itself to buy stocks or as cash margin funding for option positions etc?


Coded in which language?

Backend server (order management & execution) coded in C#, .Net Core.
Front end developed using Vue Js.

I am using AliceBlue API. Also have written wrappers for few other broker APIs. Coded Robo based order execution if broker does not support the API (though it is slow & error prone, frequent maintainance required, always prefer to go with API based approach, but kept as backup)

Using this tool, I can execute orders with multple brokers and see the combined PnL in realtime. Can mix match different strategies across various expiries & brokers. Allows adjusting executed strategies which are in danger and see the expected P/L visually on the payoff.

All are option strategies. Still adding new features whenever I get new ideas.


Their development team is excelllent, and Zerodha must have set their priorities already set for the upcoming features.

Following are the feaures I would like to see in Kite which would help the users a lot. These I have already done for my personal tool but putting it here as suuggession if Zerodha wants to prioritise:

  1. Once they come up with Baskets, next would be to merge Sensibull with Kite, see the payoff of the specific basket right there. Switching to sensibull and back would be combersome.
  2. Show P/L of specific basket or selected baskets. Should show overall P/L of all executed baskets.
  3. Adjustments. Let me adjust already executed basket if it is in danger, it should let me add a new position or execute a new basket all together. It should let me see the overall payoff (ie current payoff of already executed basket combined with expected payoff of new basket that I suppposed to execute)
  4. Should let me combine all types of ooption strategies spreads, calenders etc.

Let me tell you this, seeing the payoff makes a huge difference how you approach to a strategy. Now imagine if you place payoff of multiple strategies on top of other and also see the combine P/L visually through the layers, this will change the way you appproach trading option strategies and boost your confidence, believe me.

I also went one step ahead, and added executing strategies in multiple brokers. So, if I already have a open sell position, same broker will square off the position if my strategy requires buying the same symbol hence the need for multi broker execution.

Someday I will share the videos of my option trading tool with the community.


I use Free tool option oracle for all this.

Also zerodha need to treach the level of Interactive broker software at least. TOS os another US based broker is another league all together.

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Yes, I agree, Kite need to improve a lot in terms of features for their platforms.

Last time I checked, OptionOracle prices are not not realtime. It is used to analyse the strategies but does not let you execute the same.

Is this still the case. Sorry I did not see any info on this.

Anything which is directly integrated with the execution platform itself I beleieve is more usefull as you can manage everything at one place.


Your tool is a algo and requires API, Right?

For lesser souls like me, OO is enough as of now.
That is, until masters like you take initiate and go on sharing tools, teaching programming etc on SM.

:slight_smile: every tool is good for its own use case and purpose.

I used to refer OptionOracle (long way back), then Opstra.defineage, and sensibull to analyse strategies. Just that I found OO little bit cumbersome, may be not used that much.

Yes its is algo, and requires API, since it is coded to my specific use case with lots of hardcoding, probably, may be, someday, I would release this as OpenSource so that communicy can build on top of it.


I myself taking babysteps starting today.
Expecting to learn and code in python in a weeks time. Lets see.

Way to go. All the best :clap:

A useful feature! When a scrip is blocked for the day. This has to be mentioned on same BUY/SELL window @nithin

On our list of things to do.


@siva @nithin the most beneficial feature of all would be to somehow show the margin blocked on open position or in other words , the amount of margin that would be released if i square off my open position similar to what you have done now .

@Matti @nithin the feature is very useful ,i love it , in the position tab please flash MARGIN AVAILABLE then we can get a idea of how much margin available every thing we can see in one place

In our list of things, will take some time though.

Will consider it as feedback and will see what can be done.

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Is there any way to turn off the margin feature? @siva
also,anyway to turn off the “nudge” feature?