Now see margin requirements on the Kite order window

Hey everyone! We’ve just taken a utility live on Kite web that shows the margin required to place an order right on the order window before you place it. Check out this post:

This is still a beta feature, so please leave any feedback you may have. :slight_smile:


@Matti hi is there a way to arrange my positions …like arranging the PE and CE separately ? if not can you please look into it

Well! Finally a relief for something.

Great but will it work on reverse basis too. I mean if I sold 100ce (margin block 1lkhand then willing to buy 120 ce which should free my margin by 50K. Then will it show the margin benefit which would accrue by taking this position.

yeah, it should show negative figure to indicate margin released by placing this order. but as of now it doesn’t show that. it just shows margin required for current order that you’re about to place.

For your reference, i’m short on BNF 22300 CE and placing buy order for 22200 should release margin blocked but it shows what i’m paying for current order.


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I think they can add such feature.
They can display total margin utilized currently (which is displayed on funds tab anyways) and also probable margin after this order gets executed.

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Long position of Nifty Jun CE, is showing margin is required. As you have explained above, it is premium that will be debited from my account.
while naked Short position is not showing any margin. Which has to be addressed to avoid confusion.

Yeah, this is in our list to address but will take some time.

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@Matti @siva @nithin we all welcome this amazing addition to kite. As it’s still beta, we’d like to give feedback on this.

1 : For existing short positions of options, buying other strike price position releases margin but as of now current margin calc of order window isn’t taking that into account.

2 : For placing NRML order margin shown in order window is 50k around for one strike price and for other strike price it’s 80k around, for those same strike prices, MIS order margin shown in around 30k. shouldn’t it be 2.5x of NRML if it’s MIS order? so 2.5x on 80k and 50? it shows 30k for both if placing MIS order.

3 : For placing CO, it should calculate margin required based on SL that we put right? but as of now, no matter what SL is written it shows same margin.


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Do you have long position?

works for me brother. This must have something to do with your existing positions.


NRML margin shows correctly according to margin calculator but MIS margin shows bit variation around 1 or 2k

Yeah, we are not showing if margin is released, currently in this version we are keeping it simple, for sure in next update will add a separate column where it displays how much margin is released once new position is added.

Can you be more specific, also MIS is not 2.5*, it is 35% of span plus 100% of exposure for indices and 40% of span and 100% of exposure for stocks, changed with new framework.

This logic is also changed with new framework.

Yes I have a Bull Call spread in Nifty. One call long, while the other short. I expected that system might see those position as already paired.

Which strike you are long?

for your reference

so for CO order is this margin correct with selected SL?


I am long Nifty 9800 CE. The same one I have shown here.

@siva @nithin thanks at all to bring those futures , but one thing , its really needed one its very usefull for us

but you can flash how much margin available in the position tab thats will be smooth finish to these futures , because we no need to check every time how much margin available in the fund page when ever we are taking a position , if we can came to know the margin available in the position page , then its will be very usefull futures to us

The good feature you bring is how much margin required when we are placing a order
The same how much margin available we need to know in the position page, because all the things happening in position tab only, people never switch tab to position to fund tab ,people switching between tabs will be reduced , system will not be slow also i think

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Hence for selling it new margin is not showed as you are exiting the long.

Yeah, I understood the logic.
I checked with a new option and found it works as it should. Also, the BO and CO order type reduce the margins.
I am good.