Nre/nro stamp duty

A small query, just want to understand the charges levied on NRE / NRO clients.

As i was going through nre/nro blog on website; I found most of the charges list are quite similar excluding stamp duty.

For example.

l purchase RIL 100 share at 900 and sale at 1050 on delivery basis. What will be the total charges for brokerage, ST etc. (delivery)

Normal charges:

Brokerage - 0
STT total - 195
Total txn charge - 6.34
SEBI charges - 0.29
GST - 1.14
etc., but - Stamp duty - as per the state of residence

But in case of NRI - (NRE/NRO) - everything else remains same but stamp duty!?

Brokerage - (0.1% or Rs 200 whichever is lower) & Equity F&O is charged at Rs.100 per order.
For above mentioned example - brokerage is - (400)
STT total - 195
Total txn charge - 6.34
SEBI charges - 0.29 – etc.,
GST - 1.14…

But what about stamp duty - (how is that calculated for NRE / NRO)

Being said that how are service tax being charged too!?

Awaiting for your valuable response.


Hi, @harsha7, The stamp duty is charged on the correspondence address which for NRIs is usually their foreign address and hence the stamp duty is charged at 0.003% (others).

You can check it here

GST is charged @ 18% on Brokerage+Trascation charges.
So, taking the above example: It’ll be 400+6.34*18% = 73.14

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thank you for the information.