NSE Academy Courses


Has anyone done any course from NSE Academy ?

I was exploring the website of NSE and came across their NSE Accademy program. They are offering a weekend executive program. Seems like you can get 9certificates. They are now offering free registration. They do 1 week foreign travel + weekend course + certificates for 3 lakhs

Given that this is their 4th batch, was wondering if anyone has done this and can give some feedback on the same. See here


3 lakhs worth of knowledge = No. Thank you.

1 week foreign travel to kathmandu for 3 lakhs = Excellent, Yes, Please Sign me up.

Its a common thing, You never hear from the Alumni’s of such high priced courses or seminars, I wonder why? Probably they found something better to do with the rest of their life?

The last place these people are often seen (with a disappointed face) is in the group photo, the orgransiers take to lure in more fish.


I think its this attitude of not spending money on proper education like @catamaran_fairy makes the market. Somehow people tend to think losing money in market is education - its not. You just lose money.

Anyways - I wouldnt spend 3 lakhs on Katmandu either. They actually take you to US/Dubai and Sinagapore to each of their stock exchanges. They have a tieup with SEC where you get a FINRA certificate - so sounds very cool. Given NSE is a very good brand - you almost get an MBA of IIM quality for 3 lakhs with foreign trips. Hence curious…


And, what do you plan to do with this ?


Dammm bro you don’t need to be harsh. What do you do with this? REALLY Why do you eat when you know you have to shit?
Thats a very interesting question and if it were to be taken seriously there wouldn’t be any need for education certificates.


Sorry dude. It was not supposed to hurt anyone, but I am really interested to know what @abbanerjee plans to do with it.


Dont worry @Gautam. These are grapes are sour people. But … interesting how bullying with strong language has become the norm of here aparently.

And @catamaran_fairy, this is not a seminar dude. This is a course offered by NSE. You need to cry about oragnized education ? Do it in your own thread. No need to hijack the topic.


I don’t know what the holder plans to do with the certificate but I can tell you one thing and that is in today’s world the certifications/courses with least interest are one of the highest paid in their respective industries/trades. These type of certifications coupled with solid trading history/experience could land you jobs which pay one of the highest salaries + commissions.


Wow never knew NSE had a certification course.
Is it from NSE itself or some sketchy business.


From NSE - nothing hanky panky See here


Okay, but are there any person who really take some part in that ? Not just your opinions really ? We still don't know for sure what's inside. Maybe it's worth the money ? However interesting question is to whom you will show that certificates ? There are 9 of them, which is way too much I think.