NSE and BSE behaving crazy (OIL price)

@nithin @Bhuvan

Why so much difference in price change of OIL on different portal ie BSE and NSE is?
On BSE it is showing -4.8% (10.9rs) change while on NSE it is showing -36.81% (-126 rs)?
In my kite also it shows the change of -36.8%.

Is it really possible?

dear, check closing price of last day, you’ll be clear yourself

Oil India is trading ex-bonus today

on BSE closing price is 227
on NSE closing price is 342

Dear @Bhuvan as I know IOC (Indian Oil Corporation) and OIL (Oil India Limited) are different companies and this areticle is about IOC.
isn’t it?
Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Looks like a typo, It’s for Oil India.

Thanks for correction. :slight_smile:

dear ,
today’s change is always related to last close in the same exchange ( NSE change for NSE close and BSE change for BSE close ), here is what you can see.

@Bhuvan it’s not because of bonus, because corporate announcement have equal effect on all exchanges. am i right

His first question was about the difference in % change on Kite and MC. The difference is because of the bonus issue. The price on MC is adjusted while it isn’t on Kite.

As for the difference in closing price, BSE is showing the adjusted closing price while NSE isn’t.

see the first query bro,

statement says difference in NSE and BSE.