NSE Circular on Short margin penalty refund

Margins are charged on a portfolio basis, they’re not the sum total of margins on individual position which is why it is not possible to break this margin and show margin position-wise.

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I already know that.

Suppose I have many positions created in multiple different instruments. One is a Calender Spread of Banknifty - you can separate out margin to this pair of positions. Another is an Ironfly on FinNifty - those positions can be grouped while showing margin blocked by this set of positions.

There will be many different use cases and edge cases on this and I actually thought you guys will apply your own brain to develop the full logic but alas, that looks like a high expectation from this team. You actually want your users to write PRDs for your devs is it?

Or maybe the problem is different. You first have to be open to feedback, recognize that it’s a genuine problem faced by the users and then decide to solve it with ownership. Maybe this loop is broken from the first end, which is what all of your defensive response-making is suggesting.

Not getting defensive, we will try to explore the possibilities. However, doing this will mean writing off the remote possibility of any cross margining benefit you may get while holding positions of two separate underlyings, so the margin at any time may only be an approximation, and will never match the total margin applied on the entire portfolio.

Yes, you should probably divide this into phases -

Phase 1 - Showing approx values and segregation based on instrument.

Phase 2 - Finding ways to improve accuracy of the approx values and thinking about how to handle cross-instrument cases. Also, exploring possibilities to dig deeper within an instrument in case there are multiple legs created over it.

Emphasis should be on conveying

  • as deeper margin info as possible to the user
  • as easily as possible [viz., a margin split pie chart, margin fluctuation line chart etc.]
  • as early as possible so they can manage margins.

And displaying info on the interface instead of relying on intermittent Emails and SMS [which are not the best media here, hope this makes sense].

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Is it because of this that the margin used in the funds section keeps changing every 5 mins or so?
Is it possible to block little extra margin say 1.2L + 5% so that I can trade fixed qty strangles / straddles without worrying about orders getting rejected due to a short fall of 1000rs or likewise?