NSE Direct Vs Contract Notes


I used to regularly receive the contract notes from the broker and an email from NSE-Direct on the trades done for the day. This was for the Equity segment.

I recently activated Futures and Options with my broker and started trading. Although the contract notes showed all my transactions, my NSE Direct didn’t show any section about F&O.

After 5 days, I started receiving F&O trades from NSE direct as well. I believe it is a time lag between my activation and information to NSE-Direct from my broker.

My question is whether I need to worry about the first 5 days trade which was not shown in NSE-Direct emails. Please note that this was reflected in my contract notes i receive from broker.

I hope the broker can’t do any trades or manipulate himself without hitting the exchange. Guess I am just worried unnecessarily. Please advise. All the trades done on the first 5 days were all intraday only.


Delay in updates can happen on both sides Broker as well as NSE. You have nothing to worry about if your Contract Note didn’t contain any trades that you didn’t do.

Thanks as usual Shubh! You are the best ! :slight_smile: