NSE FNO - BhavCopy Open Interest zero for 28th Aug?

I notice the Open Interest across all Option Strike Prices for different expiry dates for all instruments is Zero in the FNO BhavCopy of 28th August 2019 downloaded from NSE website. (Screenshot attached, notice last column)

Downloaded from - https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/derivatives/equities/archieve_fo.htm

Can anyone let me know if this is an issue with NSE file?

Is there any alternative website from where I can download this info ?

Did you download morning time? Morning before mkt open even option chain shows zero OI. Just my guess.

Request you to kindly re-read my query. It is about Open Interest of 28th August 2019, so it is about the status after all trades completed yesterday. This is EOD data & I notice this issue only on yesterday’s file.

Yes, looks like there is some issue or maybe something that we don’t understand.
Even today’s option chain shows the same value for OI and change in OI. Which should mean all OI yest should be zero. I don’t think that can be the case.

I think sooner later NSE will update OPTION CHAIN data more delay and may be charge for EOD bhavcopy also as mention on beta site.

this will be cruel step by NSE.

Downloaded the file again now & it now contains the OI data.

Perplexed how NSE could publish a corrupt file.

yes, there was definitely some issue with NSE today till afternoon. Seems to have been resolved after that.

But, don’t see any news or announcements related to that.