NSE Gold Options on zerodha

How can we trade NSE gold options on zerodha.
I only see MCX options, but NSE options not visible on marketwatch.
MCX-OPT/GOLDM20AUG48000PE is available.
But not NSE gold. given in below link:
Gold-M under Commodities

NSE Commodity F&O aren’t available on Zerodha yet.

I hope the new Gold mini options are here to stay. The initial volumes look promising and availability on zerodha should help. Any updates? @siva @nitin

It will take some time for us to allow on NSE, mcx also released few last week.

have nse gold options launched by zerodha

These are not yet available. You can however trade in MCX Gold Options.

I’m not able to view the chat of gold options, it is just blank. Is it because of no contract being traded for that particular strike price? Even the margin required (which is shown while buying or selling) is blank

Any update on this? MCX options will require a different margin altogether.