NSE Historical Data is now paid?

Has NSE started charging for downloading the historical data from its website?

If I remember correctly, the open high low close and volume data points were FREE to download earlier… Now it shows “Paid Historical Data”


Am I missing the correct link to free data download? or are we suppose to pay for that now?

You are visiting the wrong page. Go to this page, and then go to Historical Reports section.

Thanks @ShubhS9

But somehow, I dont see any option to download historical (OHLCV) data points on that page. It is only showing 2 dates (4sep and 7sep)

Even if I click on “Security-wise Archive” under Historical Reports, the page https://www.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/eq_security.htm shows “404: Page Not found error”

What am I missing here?

I simply want to download last 6 months of data (OHLCV) for a few stocks (RELIANCE, ACC, INFY, etc.)

NSE has shutdown old website, looks like all links redirecting to that website are returning that error. Can’t do much until NSE fix that.

So essentially, free data may not be available (at least not as of now, living under a hope that NSE fixes the old site links which seems very unlikely).

And because the PAID data links are working perfectly (but not free ones), it may mean that NSE may be moving to payment for data… :frowning_face:

@sseth just give them some time to fix those error below link might help you https://www1.nseindia.com/products/content/equities/equities/equities.htm old url still accessible

In the link you mentioned, click on daily market reports and there you click on archives where you can select the date and download the required data.

The one you are visiting is new NSE website. I would recommend using the same. The old website links as provided by others may not b functional at any time.
As far as NSE confirmed that old website will not be operational after 31st August.

The paid data that your link shows is just a subscription service for daily reports.

Thansk @venugopal

However, that’s NOT the historical data. Its just ONE-DAY’s market data.

By historical data, I mean the facility to download a CSV file of say (RELIANCE or WIPRO), between a given date range - like from 2Jan2020 to 2Sep 2020 - and that used to get downloaded as follows:

Date Open Price High Price Low Price Close Price WAP No.of Shares No. of Trades Total Turnover (Rs.) Deliverable Quantity % Deli. Qty to Traded Qty Spread High-Low Spread Close-Open
30-Jun-20 219.75 221.85 218 219.7 220.0582154 102722 1470 22604820 23381 22.76 3.85 -0.05
29-Jun-20 224 225.85 218.65 219.65 221.7730973 199363 2863 44213350 36226 18.17 7.2 -4.35
26-Jun-20 218.75 229.9 218.6 225.35 226.0001827 1395895 15892 315472525 445642 31.93 11.3 6.6
25-Jun-20 217.9 221.95 215.5 218.45 218.9906467 145189 2298 31795033 31424 21.64 6.45 0.55
24-Jun-20 222.8 223.95 217.7 218.15 219.6186916 234490 4277 51498387 70490 30.06 6.25 -4.65

This data download was available earlier, and seems to be gone now.

Any idea on what URL this is available?

Go to the new website www.nseindia.com
In the search box type the share and select it
In that share page you can find the tab for historical data. Where you can select the desired data range and download the same.

@sseth for direct link visit here https://www.nseindia.com/get-quotes/equity?symbol=RELIANCE replace reliance with wipro or any other of your choice and select historical data tab

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OK…Got it.
That’s exactly what I was looking for.

Thanks a ton @venugopal and @sathishkumar!